• Dimethyl emulsions are very stable blends of silicone fluid polymers, surfactant and water.

  • Dimethyl Silicone fluids are available in a wide range of viscosity from thinner than water to as thick as a soft rubber mallet.

  • Non Silicone Defoamers are water based or organic based emulsions and dispersions of a high grade mineral oil and other surface active agents.

  • Silanol fluids are polydimethyl silicones with Si-OH functionality on each end of the molecule.

  • Silicone Antifoams are emulsions of silicone fluids and silica designed to enhance the de-foaming properties needed to combat your toughest foaming

  • Silicone glycols are modified dimethylsilicones.

  • Volatile Silicones are low viscosity silicone fluids that are non reactive.