• Amino silicone emulsions are emulsions of dimethyl silicone fluids that have amino functional substitution.

  • Amino silicone fluids are dimethyl silicone fluids with varying degrees of amino functional substitution.

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  • Polyalkylene oxide-modified polydimethyl siloxanes are non-ionic surfactants used in both aqueous and non aqueous systems.

  • Silicone gels are cross linked silicone polymers in a cosmetic grade carrier.

  • Polydimethylsiloxane emulsions are polydimethyl silicone polymers emulsifed with surfactants and water.

  • Dimethyl silicone fluids are available in viscosities ranging from one to one million. Dimethyl silicone fluids are colorless, clear and odorless.

  • Introducing high molecular weight dimethicone and dimethicanol gums dispersed in cyclomethicone or dimethicone. Gum contents range from 7 to 18%.