Industrial Products

Silanol Fluids

Silanol fluids are polydimethyl silicones with Si-OH functionality on each end of the molecule. Due to the reactive nature of the Si-OH end these fluids can be reacted with other funtional silicones as well as other reactive organic molecules.


  • Mold Release
  • Printing


  • High Temp Rating
  • Release Action

Shelf Life

  • 1 years from shipment if stored in unopened original container less than 90F


ICM SFR 1,000,000  
ICM SFR 100  
ICM SFR 1000  
ICM SFR 12,000  
ICM SFR 150,000  
ICM SFR 20,000  
ICM SFR 2000  
ICM SFR 300,000  
ICM SFR 35  
ICM SFR 3500  
ICM SFR 40  
ICM SFR 45  
ICM SFR 50  
ICM SFR 50,000  
ICM SFR 500  
ICM SFR 55  
ICM SFR 60  
ICM SFR 60,000  
ICM SFR 600  
ICM SFR 600,000  
ICM SFR 6000  
ICM SFR 70  
ICM SFR 750  
ICM SFR 80,000  
ICM SFR 8000  


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