About Icm

Founded in 1989 by Ken Charboneau, ICM Products has grown into an industry leader in chemical manufacturing. Known for our technological innovation and stringent quality control, we have developed an extensive line of silicone polymers, defoamers and specialty emulsions.

We take pride in our advanced research and development capabilities. We have an effective pilot plant process for developing specialty products, as well as unique high pressure/high shear mixing capabilities that can produce millions of pounds of high-grade materials once full production runs are in order.

Our high standards and strong ethics in business are well known in the industry. We constantly strive to stay at the forefront of the changing regulatory and quality requirements for each industry we serve, while maintaining our unique abilities as a manufacturer of specialty chemicals.

Though many customers find our location in the heart of the Midwest manufacturing belt convenient, our national distribution network enables timely delivery regardless of your location. Beyond delivery, you'll find our technical and customer service second to none.

In 2017, ICM Products and the entire ICM Silicones Group was acquired by the CHT Group. The CHT Group, a medium-sized global player and “hidden champion” for speciality chemistry, is active worldwide in development, production and sales. The CHT Group’s headquarters is located in Tübingen, Germany.

CHT products improve the quality, the functionality and the performance of textiles, building materials, colours, coatings, papers and agrochemicals as well as cleaning and care products for the field of consumer goods industry.

By bundling the strengths of the entire group, innovative products, applications or processes are constantly in development. Highly qualified specialists work in top equipped laboratories for development, analysis and application engineering in order to develop ideas and solutions that meet with the most modern requirements.

The 30 sister companies of the CHT Group are present in 20 countries on all continents. With nearly 2,200 staff members employed CHT is very close to our customers on every market. In the financial year 2016, the CHT Group generated a group turnover of 420 million Euros.

For more information please visit us at www.cht.com

We invite you to email or call ICM Products at 269-445-0847 to explore how we can supply your specific needs.

ICM Products Capabilities

  • 75,000 square feet of manufacturing & warehouse space
  • Indoor bulk loading and storage facility
  • Solvent handling capabilities
  • 100,000 gallons of manufacturing capacity
  • Various types of mechanical emulsification equipment
  • High shear mixing capabilities